My Log Home LWP v1.07

Description My Log Home iLWP
It's made with an exceptionally high standard, while paying close attention to detail as well as being one of the most realistic HD graphics on the market. Also, its full of interactive features like the gyroscope, automatic weather, 360° seamless view and much more. You can even warm up by the cozy fireplace, watch the beautiful sunset from the window, switch on the TV console or just relax and paint in front of the easel.

Overall, it works great and seamlessly with phones, tablets with android version 2.2 and higher. Plus, it can be used in portrait or landscape mode and even if the graphic is highly detailed and complex, due to our great optimization the resolution will not drain the life of your battery at all.

My Log Home is divided into 8 parts; working corner with a desk and pc, window with a marvelous view of the lake and mountains, relaxation corner with a cozy fireplace, a place for your personal images and function calendar, part where you can find the TV and console, art corner with an easel, part for sleeping or stairs to the next floor. All of these parts are nicely illuminated and you can find a lot of interactive features; function clocks, calendar, notepad and much more.

Customize and personalize your wallpaper as you like by using a simple menu to create a unique place for yourself. You can insert and place your own photos straight from your gallery, hide or show items in the scene, choose the weather you like from a clear sky, rain, storm or mist to changing the size of the moon and choose one of the seasons or just switch to automatic weather. Also, you can choose your national flag or add some notes into a diary and much more.


Realistic and next-gen graphic.
Automatic weather with seasons
360° seamless and horizontal view around whole scene
Interactive items
Gyroscope and accelerometer
Several color modes such as black&white, sepia and more.
Lens flares
Hiding objects
Choice for selecting your national flag
Notepad on a wall where you can write short note.
Function calendar
Function digital and analog clocks
Place your images into the scene from your gallery
Can be used as a portrait or landscape
Smooth animations
7 different camera views
3 versions of textures for better optimization
Particles of dust, sparks, snow and other
Nice and realistic lighting with a glow

Most of these features can be switched on or off.

What's in this version: (Updated : Jul 3, 2013)

Fixed transparency issue
Added "Read external storage" permission for fixing custom picture issue
Option for turning on/off double tap

Required Android O/S : 2.2+
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Size 38MB
0/5 : Not rated