bk 10650 - Loom Bands Crafts Make Beautiful R (epub,mobi)

Description Loom Bands Crafts: Make Beautiful Rubber Band Bracelets, Jewelry, and More!, by Kay J.

Are you ready to make the coolest, most unique loom bracelets and jewelry of all your friends?
Learn over 15 new designs that you’re friends have never seen!
This book is a step-by-step guide on how to build the most beautiful Rubber Band Loom Accessories for you and your friends.
The book has designs for any level, including beginners and advanced, breaking down loom knitting techniques for each project.
This Loom Bands Crafts guide include:
Step-by-Step, Detailed Instructions
Photos of Each Design
Single & Double Pattern Loom Bracelets
Flower & Fish Tail Rings
Ladder Bracelets
Awesome Charms
BONUS Designs & Photos
Loom Jewelry, or Rubber Band Jewelry, is an awesome way for children to learn how to make things for themselves, while being rewarded for their work.
Grab this rubber band “loom” jewelry book and help get them on their way!
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