bk 12312 - Danielle Steel - Silent Night (ePub, Mobi)

Description A shocking accident. A little girl struggling to survive. And the childless aunt who transforms her own world to help her... Danielle Steel's latest novel is a deeply moving story of resilience and hope.
Paige Watts is the ultimate stage mother. The daughter of Hollywood royalty, Paige channels her own acting dreams into making her daughter Emma a star. By the age of nine, Emma is playing a central role in a hit TV show. Then everything is shattered by unforeseeable tragedy.
Now Emma is living with her Aunt Whitney, who had chosen a very different path than her sister Paige. Whitney was always the studious older sister, hating the cult of celebrity that enveloped their childhood. Instead, she is a psychiatrist who lives for her work and enjoys a no-strings-attached love affair with a wealthy venture capitalist. But at a moment's notice, Whitney drops everything to help her niece.
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