Nintendo Switch Community NSP Roms (CNSP)

NSPs that are fetched using NUT/CDNSP, with public titlekeys.

Spacecats with Lasers [0100D9B0041CE000][v0]
Space Ribbon [010010A009830000][v0]
Space Dave [0100E28002D74000][v0]
South Park The Fractured But Whole [01008F2005154000][v0]
Sonic Mania [01009AA000FAA000][v0]
Songbringer [010031D00A604000][v0]
Soccer Slammers [010011A00A9A8000][v0]
Snow Moto Racing Freedom [010045300516E000][v0]
Snipperclips – Cut it out, together! [0100704000B3A000][v0]
Snake Pass [0100C0F0020E8000][v1]
Smoke And Sacrifice [0100207007EB2000][v0]
Slime-san [0100112003B8A000][v0]
Sleep Tight [01004AC0081DC000][v0]
Slayaway Camp Butcher's Cut [0100501006494000][v0]
Slain Back From Hell [0100224004004000][v0]
Sky Rogue [0100C5700434C000][v0]
The Walking Dead The Final Season - Season Pass [010060F00AA70000][v0]
The Walking Dead The Complete First Season [010029200B6AA000][v0]
The Trail Frontier Challenge [0100B0E0086F6000][v0]
The Sexy Brutale [0100F89003BC8000][v0]
The Pinball Arcade [0100CD300880E000][v0]
The Next Penelope [01000CF0084BC000][v0]
The Mystery of the Hudson Case [01004C500AAF6000][v0]
The Mummy Demastered [0100496004194000][v0]
The Mooseman [010033300AC1A000][v0]
The Messenger [0100DC300AC78000][v0]
The Longest Five Minutes [0100CE1004E72000][v0]
The Long Reach [010052B003A38000][v0]
The Lion's Song [0100735004898000][v0]
The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Videogame [01000CE002072000][v0]
The Journey Down Chapter Two [01009AB00B186000][v0]
The Journey Down Chapter Three [01006BC00B188000][v0]
The Journey Down Chapter One [010052C00B184000][v0]
The Jackbox Party Pack [0100AE5003EE6000][v0]
The Jackbox Party Pack 4 [0100E1F003EE8000][v0]
The Jackbox Party Pack 3 [0100CC80013D6000][v0]
The Jackbox Party Pack 2 [010015D003EE4000][v0]
The Inner World [0100B0B00B318000][v0]
The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk [0100A9D00B31A000][v0]
The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker [01008940086E0000][v0]
The Flame In The Flood Complete Edition [0100C38004DCC000][v0]
The Final Station [0100CDC00789E000][v0]
The Fall [01002DD00AF9E000][v0]
The Fall Part 2 Unbound [01003E5002320000][v0]
The Escapists 2 [0100CA100489C000][v0]
The End Is Nigh [01004A9006B84000][v0]
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim [01000A10041EA000][v0]
The Darkside Detective [01003DE00918E000][v0]
The Count Lucanor [01000850037C0000][v0]
The Coma Recut [010033100691A000][v0]
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