bk 10792 - Gray Mountain - John Grisham (ePub, Mobi)
bk 10967 - Kyle Mills - The Ares Decision (ePub, Mobi)
bk 6060-Neal Asher-Snow In The Desert-Sucker-Engineer Reconditioned-Line of Polity-The Owner-The Str
bk 2439-Christopher Moore-Love Story series (3)
bk 10532 - The Great Unexpected - Sharon Creech(epub,mobi)
bk 11080 - Karin Slaughter - The Good Daughter (ePub, Mobi)
bk 4211-Howard Zinn-The Zinn Reader
bk 6923-Howard Zinn-The Zinn Reader
NYT140525 - New York Times Bestseller List Fiction 25th May 2014 (ePub)
bk 2343-C.S. Lewis-The Last Battle
bk 6908-Jerry Oltion-Alliance-Anywhere But Here-Crackers-Diamonds In The Sky
bk 3951-Lauren Dane-Enforcer-Reluctant-Tri Mates-Trinity
bk 9658-Laura Lippman - And When She Was Good - 2012 (E&M)
bk 2602-Nancy Pickard - Marie Lightfoot series (3)
bk 8030-Margaret Weis & Tracey Hickman- Dragonvarld
bk 8078-Torchwood Series 6-10
bk 10376 - Kat, Incorrigible
bk 6385-Iain Banks-Look to Winward-The Crow Road-Player Of Games-Wasp Factory
bk 3290-Edward Rutherfurd-London
bk 9019-Mike Ashley - The Mammoth Book of Locked-Room Mysteries and Impossible Crimes (e & m)
bk 10079 - The Lost Files_ Six's Legacy - Pittacus Lore (ePUB,MOBI)
bk 2017-Vivi Andrews-Serengeti Shifters series (3)
bk 2321-Scott Brown - Against All Odds My Life of Hardship, Fast Breaks, and Second Chances
bk 1881-Meg Cabot-Mediator series (6)
bk 3661-Amanda Downum-Bone Palace-Drowning City
bk 3840-Teri Wood-Alibi-Angels Revenge-Dutch
bk 5349-Lawrence Schiller - Perfect Murder, Perfect Town
bk 6411-Lawrence Schiller - Perfect Murder, Perfect Town
bk 5465-F. Scott Fitzgerald-The Beautiful and Damned
bk 5725-O. Henry-Selected Stories of O. Henry
bk 10412 - Mad About the Boy -Helen Fielding(epub,mobi)
bk 5407h-Chiaverini-7-8-The Sugar Camp Quilt - Audio book
bk 9850-Adrianna Dane - Vampyre Falls Series [3]
bk 6233-Amanda Hocking-Trylle Trilogy
bk 11213 - Alice Feeney - Sometimes I Lie (ePub, Mobi)
bk 11228 - Ruth Jones - Never Greener (ePub, Mobi)
Book0489 - King - Needful Things
bk 9359-Cheryl Strayed-Wild [e&m]
bk 4021-Warhammer 40k - Word Bearer (3)
bk 10419 - Coreen Callahan - Fury of Desire (epub,mobi)
bk 7110-Laurann Dohner-Zorn Warrior's series [4]
bk 10521 - V.C.Andrews - The Unwelcomed Child(epub,mobi)
bk 11085 - Jeffrey Deaver - The Kill Room (ePub, Mobi)
bk 10791 - THE LIAR, by Nora Roberts (ePub,Mobi)
bk 8132-Athena Force series 11-15
bk 6878-Don Webb-Do the Weird Crime, Serve the Weird Time
bk 9781-Winter in Madrid by C.J. Sansom [E&M]
bk 9577-Barbara Hamilton - Abigail Adams Mystery [3] [mobi]
bk 5543-A.Bertram Chandler-Frontier of the Dark-Ghost-Giant Killer-Golden Journey-Habit-Hairy Parent
bk 1955-Susan Cooper - Greenwitch
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