Nintendo Wii Backup File System Roms (WBFS)

WBFS, or Wii Backup File System, is a file system developed by Wii homebrew coders kwiirk and Waninkoko. It uses Waninkoko's cIOS and works by creating a WBFS partition on a SD or USB device. A Wii homebrew application may then be run to dump a Wii game to the partition. The titles may then be launched using a Wii USB loader, which uses cIOS and USB 2.0 to load games from an external device.

Mario Super Sluggers [RMBE01]
Mario Party 9 [SSQP01]
Just Dance 4 [SJXE41]
James Bond - Golden Eye [SJBE52]
Armageddon [RKME5D]
Animal Crossing Wii [RUUE01]
Resident Evil 4 Wii edition [RB4P08]
Wii Sports Resort [RZTE01]
Wii Play - Motion [SC8P01]
Marvel Ultimate Alliance [RMUP52]
Zumba Fitness Join The Party [SZ5PGT]
Wii Play - Motion [SC8E01]
WWE '13 [S3XE78]
WWE '12 [SW6E78]
Rock Blast [R7KE6K]
Rise of the Guardians [SU7EG9]
Rhythm Heaven Fever [SOME01]
Resident Evil Archives - Resident Evil [RE4P08]
Resident Evil Archives - Resident Evil Zero [RBHP08]
Resident Evil 4 - Wii Edition [RB4P08]
Resident Evil - The Umbrella Chronicles [RBUP08]
Resident Evil - The Darkside Chronicles [SBDP08]
Release_Triv_Wii_Beta_WII_EU_Final_319519 [RYQP69]
Red Steel 2 [RD2E41]
Rec Room Games [SRRENR]
Rayman Raving Rabbids [RRBP41]
Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 [RY2P41]
Rayman Origins [SOJE41]
Ratatouille [RLWP78]
Just Dance [SDNP41]
Just Dance 3 Special Edition [SJDX41]
Jewel Master - Cradle of Rome [RJ4PRM]
James Cameron's Avatar - The Game [R5VE41]
Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings [RJ8P64]
Ice Age 3 - Dawn of the Dinosaurs [RIAP52]
I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! [R9CPMR]
Hunting Challenge [RE7PNK]
Horrid Henry - Missions of Mischief [SHMPLR]
Honda ATV Fever [SH7ESZ]
High School Musical 3 - Senior Year Dance! [RH3P4Q]
Hasbro - Family Game Night [RRMX69]
Hasbro - Family Game Night 2 [R6XP69]
Guinness World Records - The Videogame [RG5PWR]
Green Lantern - Rise of the Manhunters [R3LPWR]
Grease [SGREGT]
GoldenEye 007 [SJBE52]
Glacier 2 [SGCE20]
Ghostbusters - The Video Game [RGQP70]
George of the Jungle - Search for the Secret [RGJE4Z]
Game Party 3 [R3EEWR]
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