Nintendo Wii Backup File System Roms (WBFS)

WBFS, or Wii Backup File System, is a file system developed by Wii homebrew coders kwiirk and Waninkoko. It uses Waninkoko's cIOS and works by creating a WBFS partition on a SD or USB device. A Wii homebrew application may then be run to dump a Wii game to the partition. The titles may then be launched using a Wii USB loader, which uses cIOS and USB 2.0 to load games from an external device.

Water Sports [SSWEPZ] (U)
Veggy World [SVWEQH] (U)
Vegas Party [SVPPNJ] (E)
Ultimate Party Challenge [RR3EA4] (U)
Ultimate I SPY [RUZE7T] (U)
Ultimate Duck Hunt [RS2EGJ] (U)
Ultimate Board Game Collection [RUBEVN] (U)
Twin Strike - Operation Thunder [ROTE20] (U)
TurboTrainz [STUPRN] (E)
Track Mania - Build to Race [R6REJH] (U)
Top Trumps Adventures [RTPP41] (E)
Top Shot Arcade [ST9E52] (U)
The Ultimate Battle of the Sexes - Quiz and Play [SQTPML] (E)
The Oregon Trail [SORE4Z] (U)
The Monkey King - The Legend Begins [RTDE6K] (U)
The Island of Dr Frankenstein [SIFESZ] (U)
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy [RGME5D] (U)
The Dog Island [RDIE41] (U)
The Daring Game For Girls [SDAE5G] (U)
The Cages - Pro Style Batting Practice [R8NEA4] (U)
Tetris Party Deluxe [STEETR] (U)
Tamagotchi - Party On [RDTEAF] (U)
TV Show King Party [RXKEGL] (U)
TCC Snowboarding [S3CENR] (U)
Sushi Go Round [SSUES5] (U)
Super Truck Racer [SN7PNG] (E)
Super Sonic Racer Wii [SRSE20] (U)
Super PickUps [RQUEFS] (U)
Super Karts [SN6PNG] (E)
Super Fruitfall [RF4P6M] (E)
Storybook Workshop [R4VEA4] (U)
Squeeballs Party [R6YEXS] (U)
Spyfox - Dry Cereal [RDLE5G] (U)
Spy Games -Elevator Mission [RECE6K] (U)
Sprint Cars [SN8PNG] (E)
Springdale - Riding Adventures [SPKXPV] (Region Free)
Sports Pack for Revolution [RSPE01] (U)
Sports Island 2 [R2SP18] (E)
Speed [SPEE20] (U)
Space Camp [RIYE52] (U)
SmileyWorld - Island Challenge [RIDE20] (U)
Smarty Pants [RP2E69] (U)
Skyscraper [R3KP6N] (E)
Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge [R87EVN] (U)
Showtime Championship Boxing [RSYE20] (U)
Shimano Xtreme Fishing [R39EFP] (U)
Sesame Street - Cookie's Counting Carnival [SS4EWR] (U)
Sega Bass Fishing [RBTP8P] (E)
Seas Monsters - A Prehistoric Adventure [RC7P7J] (E)
Santa Claus is Comin' to Town [SX5E4Z] (U)
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