Nintendo GameBoy Roms

The Game Boy is an 8-bit handheld game console developed and manufactured by Nintendo. The first handheld in the Game Boy line, it was first released in Japan on April 21, 1989, then North America, three months later, and lastly in Europe, nearly a year after. It was designed by the same team that developed the Game & Watch and several Nintendo Entertainment System games: Satoru Okada, Gunpei Yokoi, and Nintendo Research & Development 1.

Nintendo's second handheld game console, the Game Boy combines features from both the NES home system and Game & Watch hardware. The console features a dull green dot-matrix screen with adjustable contrast dial, five control buttons (a directional pad, two game buttons, and start and select), a 2-voice speaker with adjustable volume dial, and, like its rivals, uses cartridges as physical media for games. The color scheme is made from two tones of grey with accents of black, blue, and maroon. All the corners of the portrait-oriented rectangular unit are softly rounded, save for the bottom right, which is curved. At launch, it was sold either as a standalone unit, or bundled with the one of several games: Super Mario Land orTetris among them. Several accessories were also developed, including a carrying pouch and printer.

Pokemon - Edicion Roja (Spain) (SGB Enhanced)
Pokemon - Edicion Azul (Spain) (SGB Enhanced)
Pokemon - Edicion Amarilla - Edicion Especial Pikachu (Spain) (GBC,SGB Enhanced)
Pokemon - Blue Version (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced)
Pokemon - Blaue Edition (Germany) (SGB Enhanced)
Pocket Stadium (Japan)
Pocket Sonar (Japan)
Pocket Shougi (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)
Pocket Puyo Puyo Tsuu (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)
Pocket Monsters - Pikachu (Japan) (Rev D) (SGB Enhanced)
Pocket Monsters - Pikachu (Japan) (Rev C) (SGB Enhanced)
Pocket Monsters - Pikachu (Japan) (Rev B) (SGB Enhanced)
Pocket Monsters - Pikachu (Japan) (Rev 0A) (SGB Enhanced)
Pocket Monsters - Midori (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)
Pocket Monsters - Midori (Japan) (Rev A) (SGB Enhanced)
Pocket Monsters - Ao (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)
Pocket Monsters - Aka (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)
Pocket Monsters - Aka (Japan) (Rev A) (SGB Enhanced)
Pocket Mahjong (Japan)
Pocket Love 2 (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)
Pocket Love (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)
Pocket Kyoro-chan (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)
Pocket Kanjirou (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)
Pocket Golf (Japan)
Pocket Family (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)
Pocket Densha (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)
Pocket Camera (Japan) (Rev A) (SGB Enhanced)
Pocket Bomberman (Europe) (SGB Enhanced)
Pocket Bomber Man (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)
Pocket Battle (Japan)
Pocket Bass Fishing (Japan)
Pocahontas (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced)
Play Action Football (USA)
Pitman (Japan)
Pit Fighter (USA, Europe)
Pipe Dream (USA)
Pipe Dream (Japan)
Pinocchio (USA)
Pinocchio (Europe)
Pingu - Sekai de 1ban Genki na Penguin (Japan)
Pinball Mania (Europe)
Pinball Fantasies (USA, Europe)
Pinball Dreams (USA, Europe)
Pinball Deluxe (Europe)
Pinball - Revenge of the 'Gator (USA, Europe)
Pinball - 66hiki no Wani Daikoushin! (Japan)
Pierre le Chef Is... Out to Lunch (Europe)
Picross 2 (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)
Phantom Air Mission (Europe)
Phantasm (Japan)
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